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Uncomfortable home in Denver

Customer was experiencing high utility bills, as well as a cold home in the winter and a hot home in the summer. The lack of insulation in the attic played a big role to the discomfort of the home. The attic initially had fiberglass insulation with an R-value of 8. We vacuumed out the existing fiberglass insulation, and sealed all top plates in the attic and the rim joists in the basement. We then blew in Cellulose insulation to an R-Value of 60 or 17 inches. We achieved a 46% air leakage reduction, which was only possible with the removal of the existing fiberglass insulation.  Not only will this customer see a drastic drop in the utility bills, they will experience a much more comfortable home during the winter and summer months.  

Crawlspace Insulation in Wheat Ridge, CO

A loving couple in Wheat Ridge, CO were experiencing very cold floors during the winter, despite cranking up the heat!

They chose to have our team insulate and air seal their crawlspace with our patented CleanSpace Crawlspace Insulation System. We achieved a 42% reduction in air leakage from sealing all vents and rim joist areas, creating a much more efficient and comfortable home in the process. We think the photos speak for themselves!

They are extremely pleased with their new crawlspace!

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